CHANGES IN PROGRESS! (click tabs!)

Hello, lovelies, and thank you for stopping by! GLEEKSNEXTGENERATION is currently undergoing reconstruction! Our RP died out for quite the bit of time, and we are now working towards the goal of having it up and running once again-- but not without implementing a few changes.
We are considering turning this into a finchel family rp, a group that centers around the lives of Finn and Rachel's family, since the remainder of our characters are all Hudsons. If this is the case, we will be adding in some original characters for love interests, drama, etc. along with the Hudson family.
Another one of our plans is to simply revamp this RPG entirely-- which would involve quite a bit of work and advertisement. At the moment, we are strongly considering the first option, however-- at least until we get this fully active once more.

Please visit the next tab for our current members, and the page after for the ask box!

The following are our current active characters. Listed first is the character and their link, second is their OOC name. Send them love, because they are amazing. <3

Lily Hudson [lilyxhudson] -- Meg (admin)
Barbra Hudson [barbarhudson-xoxo] -- Cora (admin)
Finn Hudson [finn--hudsonb] -- Zach
Rachel Hudson [shining-star-rachel] -- Livi

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